Babyzen - YOYO+ 0+ & 6+ (Peppermint Color Pack with Black Frame)

Today, BABYZEN YOYO+ can do anything, anywhere!

From birth to toddler…
Lie your baby down right in front of you, allow him to travel comfortably in his car seat, sit him facing the road when he grows up, take his older brother or sister easily along, sitting or standing, it’s up to him or her!

Make your life easier!
YOYO+ converts in a flash, can be carried like a bag, is one-hand driving, is machine-washable, is easy to store and fits just about anywhere other strollers don't! Meet up with friends, have a drink, hop on a taxi, catch a subway, fly to the other end of the world has never been easier with the YOYO+ stroller.

From now on, YOYO+ has its own car seat, connects with a board and is available in 2 new colors for the summer.

Even more convenient
• One-hand folding, unfolding and driving
• Removable and entirely washable fabrics
• XXL storage basket
• Extremely compact when folded (52 x 44 x 18 cm), the YOYO+ follows you on-board a plane as hand luggage*
• Comes with its transport bag
• Featherweight: 6.2 to 6.6 kg depending on version

Even more comfortable
• 4-wheel suspension
• Exclusive "soft-drive" system: no need to lock the front swivel wheel

Even more protection
• Extendable canopies with UPF 50+ sun protection
• Rain covers included

Even more durable
• Certified 18 kg

* Cabin luggage standards may vary depending on airlines.

All fabrics are easy to remove and are entirely machine-washable at 30°C.

The Packaging Includes:
- Stroller Frame X 1
- Reversible Backrest X 1
- Shopping Basket X 1
- Shoulder Strap X 1
- 6+ Storage Bag X 1
- 6+ Seat Base X 1
- 6+ Rain Cover X 1
- 6+ Canopy Wires X 2
- 6+ User Guide X 1
- 6+ Canopy X 1
- 6+ Seat Pad X 1
- 0+ Canopy Wire X 1
- 0+ Base Fabrics X 1
- 0+ Head Support X 1
- 0+ Canopy X 1
- 0+ Rain Cover X 1
- 0+ Nest Pad X 1
- 0+ Foot Cover X 1
- 0+ User Guide X 1

Warranty Terms & Conditions:

1. BABYZEN Limited (hereinafter called the “BABYZEN™”) has an option to provide repair service and replacement of defective parts to the product, for which is under warranty period (warranty period is commenced from the date of purchase) and normal use, while the product is verified by BABYZEN™. The repair service shall be rendered and considered appropriate by BABYZEN™ only. The replaced defective parts shall become BABYZEN™’s property.

2. The warranty period is 2 years. The BABYZEN™ warranty is limited to replacement or repair of the defective parts, free of charge. If the repair is covered by the manufacturer's warranty, BABYZEN™ will bear the transportation costs and risk to and from the authorized retailer from whom the purchaser bought the product. Any part, replaced or repaired Product will be covered during the remaining time of the original product's warranty. Under the warranty, BABYZEN™ cannot be responsible for defects in products that have not been purchased from authorized retailers.

3. This warranty does not cover: -

i. In case of modifications or repairs of the Product without the prior written permission of BABYZEN™.

ii. If the defects come from negligence or an accident and / or use or maintenance not in accordance with instructions in the user guide.

iii. If the Serial number of the product is damaged or removed

iv. If the damages are caused by an abnormal wear of the Product.

v. In case of incorrect mounting or installation of parts from other manufacturers non-compatible with the Product.

vi. In case of accidental or unintentional damage, misuse or neglect.

vii. In case of improper storage or maintenance of the Product.In case of defect, damage or wear on the handlebar or textiles, resulting from normal daily use of the Product.

viii. In case of holes or tears on the tires.

ix. In case of damage caused by repairs carried out by unauthorized persons, or improper disassembly of the Product.

4. Babylicious (hereinafter called the “Company”) and BABYZEN™ shall not be liable for any direct or indirect loss, claims or contingent in connection with any defects, faults or failure of the product.

5. This warranty is valid worldwide.

6. While providing service under warranty period, customer must present the original purchase invoice and serial number (under the seat base) to the Company and BABYZEN™ for verification. Otherwise, the service would be on a charge basis and non-refundable.

7. The customer will be responsible of sending and collecting the product from Babyzen office in Hong Kong, if any repair service is required.

8. In case of any dispute, the Company and Babyzen reserves the rights for final judgement and decision.

9. Warranty is not transferable in any case and can only be used by the first owner of the Product. BABYZEN™ has guarantee obligations only if the client can present proof of purchase mentioning the date of purchase. In case of claiming the manufacturer's warranty, the customer must report any defect to the Authorized retailer, who is the first contact in this case. Any defect must be reported by the customer to the Authorized retailer within twenty days of its discovery.


Please note that delivery of this item is handled by our supplier. You can expect your delivery within 3 to 7 days after payment has been made and your shipping confirmation email/invoice has been issued.

We will confirm the delivery date and time with you by phone or email within 24 hours of receiving your payment.

Should you have any queries, please contact us directly at

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